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Welcome to Gram-counter Gear - Founded 2010  
Founding a new brand is not to be taken lightly - and we have only done this because we saw the need - the need for a brand focussed on lightweight and ultralightweight outdoor gear that is designed for European and UK use, as well as those areas of the world not blessed with the UKs rain, wind and more rain!       logotransparent2.gif              
We intend fulfilling our niche with high performing, good value, exceptionally light but robust solutions to everyday trekking and backpacking problems.  
Our gear will be aimed at those people who are moving enthusiastically into lightweight backpacking and looking for something that bridges the gap between the traditional gear they are currently using and the extreme end of the ultralight world.  
We currently have one shelter product: the LiteHouse SOLO, a single skin, single person backpacking shelter that is pitched using one or two trekking poles. It is insect proof and at 850g, is all you'll need for lightweight but comfortable three season wilderness travel.  
We have a range of accessory products including our own Titanium Micro Pegs and a kit to add side guys to any shelter.