• straw.jpg

    Titanium Straw with Cleaning Brush

    Weight: 10g

    A great, lightweight way to save on plastic waste. Comes with a useful brush to keep it free-flowing and gunk-free.



  • spork.jpg

    Titanium Spork

    Weight: 10g

    This titanium ultra-lightweight spork will last you many years and countless meals on or off the trails.



  • spoon.jpg

    Titanium Spoon

    Weight: 10g

    Titanium is lightweight and strong, which is perfect for backpacking cutlery when you don't want to carry the weight



  • long-handled-spoon.jpg

    Titanium Long Handled Spoon

    Weight: 14g

    Reach to the bottom of the bag with this long-handled spoon. The flat end helps you scrape out those last calories.



  • chopsticks.jpg

    Titanium Chopsticks

    Weight: 21g

    Switch up your backpacking mealtime experience with Titanium Chopsticks.



  • Untitled-10.jpg

    Grip Clips

    Weight: 5g

    The Grip Clip tarp and fabric fastener attaches quickly and easily to a tarp or any fabric without tools.



  • groundsheet.jpg

    Ultra Groundsheets

    Weight: from 40g

    Made from Silicone coated PU ripstop nylon these groundsheets are strong and durable.


    from £12.99

  • SS20.1.jpg

    Spirit Volcano Stove with pot supports

    Weight: 58g

    The lightweight Spirit Volcano uses methylated spirit to produce an efficient flame that quickly boils a pot of water.



  • CrashOutMat-3.jpg

    Crash Out Mat

    Weight: 340g

    The lightest go-anywhere mattress which is ideal for those venturing into 3-season backpacking.



  • Featherweight-Sleeping-Mat-3.jpg

    Featherweight Foam Mat

    Weight: 80g

    Use this as a standalone extreme-light sleep mat or boost the temperature rating of your lightweight air bed.



  • 1546531155-46651500.jpg

    Ultralight Titanium Pin Pegs - Pack of 6

    Weight: 1g (each)

    Remarkably strong in good soil. Titanium wire is highly resistant to bending.



  • 1544026628-93484900.jpg

    Titanium Pin Pegs - Pack of 6

    Weight: 2g (each)

    Provide a strong hold in good conditions. Purple anodising helps you find them when packing up.



  • 1460112860-32546700.jpg

    Micro Pegs - Pack of 6

    Weight: 4g (each)

    A lot of pegging applications only require short pegs such as these 4" pegs. Perfect for groundsheets.



  • Untitled-7.jpg

    Titanium Tent Pegs - Pack of 6

    Weight: 6g (each)

    A great general purpose tent peg. Provide a very strong hold in a wide range of soils.



  • Untitled-8.jpg

    Titanium Nail Pegs - Pack of 4

    Weight: 10g (each)

    These pegs are ideal for very rough, stony ground where you might expect to hammer pegs in with rocks.



  • Gram-Counter-Gear-Rucksack-Liner-30L-4.j

    Ultralight Pack Liner

    Weight: 62g

    The durable PU and silicon coating is combined with fully taped seams providing an impressively lightweight, fully waterproof pack liner.



  • carbon-poles.jpg

    Fastpacker Trekking Poles

    Weight: 174g (each pole)

    Gram-Counter Gear's Fastpacker Carbon Trekking poles are superbly lightweight and come with snow baskets and push-on rubber tips.