Tent Pegs

  • 1546531155-46651500.jpg

    Ultralight Titanium Pin Pegs - Pack of 6

    Weight: 1g (each)

    Remarkably strong in good soil. Titanium wire is highly resistant to bending.



  • 1544026628-93484900.jpg

    Titanium Pin Pegs - Pack of 6

    Weight: 2g (each)

    Provide a strong hold in good conditions. Purple anodising helps you find them when packing up.



  • Untitled-8.jpg

    Titanium Nail Pegs - Pack of 4

    Weight: 10g (each)

    These pegs are ideal for very rough, stony ground where you might expect to hammer pegs in with rocks.



  • Untitled-7.jpg

    Titanium Tent Pegs - Pack of 6

    Weight: 6g (each)

    A great general purpose tent peg. Provide a very strong hold in a wide range of soils.